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Hackness and Wykeham Church of England Schools' Federation

‘Living, learning and growing in God's World’

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Hackness and Wykeham Church of England Schools' Federation


Executive Headteacher: Mrs Janet Spittal

SENCo: Mrs Rowena Thorp


Hackness CE Primary

Admin Officer: Mrs Jane Fletcher


Telephone: 01723 882212

Address: Hackness CE Primary School, North Yorkshire, Scarborough YO13 0JN


Wykeham CE Primary

Admin Officer: Mrs Fiona Strachan


Telephone: 01723 862413

Address: Wykeham CE Primary School, North Yorkshire, Scarborough YO13 9QB



Queries should be directed to the administration officer for Hackness or Wykeham.

Any information on our website can be requested and supplied on paper free of charge.