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Forest Schools

Forest School takes place in a woodland area at St Helens Park, Wykeham, and also in the outdoor area at school. It is run by Mrs Harrison, a primary school teacher who is also forest and beech school trained. We believe all our children should have access to the outdoors as part of their development, fostering a relationship between the environment and learning.


We run these sessions in all weathers so make sure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear with them!

Summer 2024 - 5th June - Oaks - Mud Hedgehogs, Hedgehog Houses and Toffee Apples

Summer 2024 - 22nd May - Saplings - Ancient Greeks (Vases, Coins, Poseidon’s Trident and Necklaces)

Summer 2024 - 15th May - Saplings - Whittling; Toasting Marshmallows; Woodland Rulers; Weighing Scales; Deciduous vs Evergreen

Summer 2024 - 1st May - Saplings - Litter Picking (Our Environment and the 3Rs), How Water is Transported in Plants, Tree Identification and Bark Rubbings

Summer 2024 - 24th April - Saplings - Flower Parts and What a Plant Needs to Grow

Summer 2024 - 17th April - Saplings - Flowering Plants and Tree Identification

Spring 2024 - 20th March - Acorns - Easter Story, Easter Garden and Easter Hot Chocolates

Spring 2024 - 13th March - Acorns - Clay Leaves, Bud Identification, Deciduous and Evergreen, Wild Flowers, Measuring Saplings

Spring 2024 - 6th March - Acorns - Plant Life Cycle

Spring 2024 - 28th February - Acorns - Planting Beanstalks; Planting Bulbs; Making Giant Grass and Cress Heads; Willow Roots; Fire Strikers and Obstacle Courses

Spring 2024 - 21st February - Acorns - Beanstalk Soup; Growing Beans in a Bag: Searching for Continents

Spring 2024 - 7th February - Oaks - Tudor Soup and Elizabethan Naughty Cake; Elizabeth I Portraits; Forest Games

Spring 2024 - 31st January - Oaks - Tudor Houses (working well in groups to create strong and sturdy structures using different knots and tools)

Spring 2024 - 24th January - Oaks - Changes of Materials; Properties of Materials; Reversible and Irreversible Changes; and Knots

Spring 2024 - 17th January - Oaks - Tudor Rose (natural paints), Tudor Scripture (quills) and Roman Numerals (tool use)

Autumn 2023 - 6th December - Saplings - Chocolate Reindeers, Christmas Trees and Stars

Autumn 2023 - 29th November - Saplings - Wet Sock Experiment, Wreath Making and Fire Strikers

Autumn 2023 - 22nd November - Saplings - Matter

Autumn 2023 - 15th November - Saplings - The Water Cycle

Autumn 2023 - 8th November - Saplings - River Study Trip

Autumn 2023 - 25th October - Acorns - Den Building and Charcoal Drawings

Autumn 2023 - 11th October - Acorns - Testing Natural Materials (strongest - using hammers; waterproof - Little Green Riding Hood cloaks; floating - boats)

Autumn 2023 - 4th October - Acorns - Fire (solid to liquid - melting chocolate and using fire strikers), making mud play-dough and scavenger hunts!

Autumn 2023 - 27th September - Acorns - Granny’s House and Properties of Materials

Autumn 2023 - 13th September - Acorns - Magic Corridor (materials) and Picture Frames

Summer 2023 - 11th July - Oaks - Liquid Experiments (water resistance inc mud playdough) and Rafts

Summer 2023 - 5th July - Oaks - Parachutes (air resistance experiments)

Summer 2023 - 28th June - Oaks - Friction and Force Experiment and Mouse Traps

Summer 2023 - 21st June - Oaks - Stoupe Brow Moorland Walk - wildlife, map work (National Parks), geography of the coast, physical features of the North York Moors, sustainability issues, land use and habitat, human activity, Neolithic cup marks and Bronze Age burial mounds

Summer 2023 - 7th June - Oaks - Maps, Cooking and Forest School Area Planning

Summer 2023 - 24th May - Saplings - Pentecost (dove chocolate nests, bird feeders, flame painting with natural paints, story sequencing and drama)

Summer 2023 - 17th May - Saplings - Fossil Fuel Impacts, Renewable Energy Sources and Roman Gods

Summer 2023 - 10th May - Saplings - Food Chains and Bridges

Summer 2023 - 3rd May - Saplings - Tree Identification (buds, leaves and seeds), Leaf Classification, King Charles III Facts and Crowns

Summer 2023 - April 26th - Saplings - Living Things and Their Habitats (vertebrates and Invertebrates)

Summer 2023 - April 19th - Saplings - Identifying and Classifying Living Things and Playing the MRSGREN Game

Spring 2023 - March 29th - Acorns - Forest Maths (measuring, time and shapes) and Easter Story Eggs

Spring 2023 - March 22nd - Acorns - Flower, Towers, Tarp (with tea!) - Round Robin Session 3

Spring 2023 - March 15th - Acorns - Flowers, Towers and Tarp (with tea!) - Round Robin Session 2

Spring 2023 - March 1st - Acorns - Flowers, Towers and Tarp (with tea!) - Round Robin Session 1

Spring 2023 - February 22nd - Acorns - Ash Wednesday (ash crosses), Lent (clay crown with thorns), Stick Crosses (knots), Giant Stick Crown (structures)

Spring 2023 - February 8th - Oaks - Viking Pea Soup, Viking Coins, Weaving and Printing

Viking Longboats

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Watch out Anglo Saxons!

Viking Longboats

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Viking Longboats

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The Vikings set sail!

Spring 2023 - February 1st - Oaks - Viking Longboats

Spring 2023 - January 25th - Oaks - Viking Bracelets, Amulets and Bows and Arrows

Spring 2023 - January 18th - Oaks - Viking Shields and Runes

Spring 2023 - January 11th - Oaks - Viking Longhouses and Tarp Shelters (practising knots)

Autumn 2022 - November 30th - Saplings - Forest Maths (problem solving, lines of symmetry inc tool use, age of trees, circumference of trees, 2D shapes)

Autumn 2022 - November 23rd - Saplings - Human Skeleton

Autumn 2022 - November 16th - Saplings - Remembrance Day (camp fire songs, tea and biscuits - Kelly Kettle, poppies)

Cooking Popcorn (firework sounds)

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Autumn 2022 - November 9th - Saplings - Guy Fawkes Facts (orienteering), Firework Sounds (cooking popcorn) and Firework Paintings (natural paintbrushes)

Autumn 2022 - November 2nd - Saplings - World War Planes, Bunkers and Morse Code

The Great Fire of London

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Today (19th October 2022) the children watched their London houses burn on the fire. They discussed why it spread so quickly back in 1666 and how they tried to slow it down. The children then baked bread on the fire like Thomas Farriner, the baker.

Autumn 2022 - October 19th - Acorns - The Great Fire of London, Whittling Sticks and Baking Bread

Autumn 2022 - October 12th - Acorns - Building Houses (wattle and daub) for 17th Century Characters to Re-enact the Great Fire of London

Autumn 2022 - October 5th - Acorns - Cooking Porridge and Making Porridge Play Dough

Autumn 2022 - September 28th - Acorns - Making Natural Paints and Woodland Clay Pine Cone Animals

Autumn 2022 - September 21st - Acorns - Changing Properties of Materials and Magic Woodland Porridge

Autumn 2022 - September 14th - Acorns - Magic Corridor (objects and their materials) and Magic Pots (properties of materials)