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Forest Schools

Forest Schools takes place in the village woodland in Wykeham's woodland and the outdoor area at school, and is run by trained federation staff, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Bass. We believe all our children should have access to the outdoors as part of their development, fostering a relationship between the environment and learning.


We run these sessions in all weathers so make sure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear with them!

Summer 2022 - May 18th - Saplings - UK and USA Woodland Animals and Trees (General Sherman)

Summer 2022 - May 11th - Saplings - River Thames Vs Mississippi River (measuring) and Designing Forest School Flags (after discussing UK and USA flags)

Summer 2022 - 4th May - Saplings - UK and USA Facts Orienteering

Spring 2022 - 30th March - Acorns - Easter Hot Chocolates, Easter Gardens, Easter Story Eggs and Easter Egg Blindfold Game

Spring 2022 - 23rd March - Acorns - Flower Parts Orienteering and Flower Mud Diagrams

Spring 2022 - 16th March - Acorns - Parts of the Flower, Identifying Trees by their Buds, Clay Aliens and the Oxygen Game

Spring 2022 - 9th March - Acorns - Alien Grass Heads, Planting for their Easter Gardens, Carrot Top Trees, Willow Roots and Space Stations

Spring 2022 - 3rd March - Acorns - Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, Crosses for Ash Wednesday, Alien Flower Garden, Daffodil Bulbs

Spring 2022 - 9th February - Acorns - Making Rock Pools (transporting sea water using different objects and materials)

Spring 2022 - 2nd February - Acorns - Chocolate Orange Cakes, Clay Bowls and Prayers

Spring 2022 - 26th January - Acorns - Waterproof Fairy Houses and Story Sack

Spring 2022 - 19th January - Acorns - Scavenger Hunt (properties of materials) and Self Portraits

Spring 2022 - 12th January - Acorns - Magic Corridor (discussing and sorting materials, man-made, camouflaged, transparent, reflective, opaque) and Picture Frames

Autumn 2021- 1st December - Oaks - Moon Phases, Toasting Moon Mallows to make Spaceship S’mores (tool use and fire respect), Listening to Moon Myths around the Fire

Autumn 2021 - 24th November - Oaks - Scarborough Star Disk, Constellations, Tides and Stick Stars

Autumn 2021 - 17th November - Oaks - Aliens!

Autumn 2021 - 10th Nov - Oaks - Solar System - Making the planets and finding facts

Autumn 2021 - 3rd Nov - Oaks - Rockets (clove hitch and square lash), space hot chocolates, popping popcorn on the fire, firework and space pictures with natural paintbrushes

Autumn 2021 - 13th October - Oaks - Maya Hot Chocolate, Maya Death Masks and Maya Cups

Autumn 2021 - 6th October - Oaks - Maya Art Banners and Maya Ball Game

Autumn 2021 - 29th September - Oaks - Maya Numbers and Maya Temples

Autumn 2021 - 22nd September - Oaks - Maya Gods

Autumn 2021 - 15th September - Oaks - Maya Words (Glyphs) and Necklaces

Saplings Autumn 2 - Journey Sticks

Oaks Autumn 1 - Den Building