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Ofsted and Performance Data

Please note that exam and assessment results for 2019/20 were not published due to the COVID pandemic. The most recent published results below are from 2018/19.

Hackness CE Primary

"Pupils in all classes and key stages make good progress from their individual starting points. Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 is higher than in most schools nationally. Pupils are eager to learn. Lessons are exciting and pupils are fully involved in deciding what they what to find out within each topic. Teachers build upon the knowledge the pupils already have and use the surrounding environment effectively to make learning meaningful."

Wykeham CE Primary

"Effective teaching matches children’s interests and moves their knowledge and understanding onto the next stage of development. Children are asked questions that make them think of different ways of using the interesting range of activities set out for them to explore. Opportunities to develop number, reading and writing skills are set out to entice children to think hard and practise basic skills."